Why I choose Coldwell Banker - World Wide Reach

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Real Estate

I was an independent broker for over ten years (licensed as a salesperson since '95) before I decided to join a national brokerage.  One of the main reasons I decided it was time to partner with a national brokerage was my desire to assist clients with purchases outside of my area of expertise - Austin, TX.  Not only does Coldwell Banker have offices throughout the United States, there are branches around the world - a truly global reach with likeminded agents all adhering to the highest ethical standards in real estate.  I recently purchased a home in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and look forward to helping my clients explore this area as a Coldwell Banker agent.

I also recently made contact with the Coldwell Banker offices in Costa Rica and will continue to nurture this contact.  If you have ever considered a move to Costa Rica, I would love to help you make the right connections to protect your interests.  Costa Rica is the land of "pura vida" - literally translated as "pure life" or "good life" it is really more a state of mind, a relaxed attitude about life and easy going nature to roll with the punches and live your best life.  In these turbulent times, we all could use a little Pura Vida.